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What Is The Future Of Indian Real Estate After Three Game Changing Policies-GST, RERA and Demonetization?

Real estate is the most favorite investment avenue for many Indians but the ongoing instability that has risen out of three important implementations RERA, GST and Demonetization has left us with a biggest question of “What will be its future?”

It is a well-known fact that real estate sector is plagued with unprofessional builders who lack pristine reputation. Unaccountability and lack of transparency is what a buyer face most of the time but Demonetization implemented overnight by our Government have curbed the free flow of illegal money in this sector. It is no surprise that this sector feel burnt with this overnight exercise. Though Demonetization have done no good to Realty sector, the buyers did benefit from it since the banks reduced their interest because of the overflowing money.

What is the future of Indian Real estate after three game changing policies-GST, RERA and Demonitisation

Next factor that we can consider is the prices in realty sector; it has inflated over years with property prices reaching an unaffordable state. Another factor is the endless construction delays that have burdened the potential buyers with EMI as well as rents. GST and RERA are the crucial laws implemented by Government to have a watch on these issues.

The implementation of these crucial laws has turned to be a biggest beneficiary for home buyers and investors since the credibility of the builders are tested by laying an unfavorable survival situation for non-credible builders.

Should I invest?

The initiative and policy actions rolled out by our Government have made the favorite investment avenue flipped to be unattractive one. This is a temporary setback in the real estate activity but as per expert views, investors can expect good returns over the next 5 years. Nevertheless to say that a property value appreciates only when you choose the right property considering on a number of factors such as prime location, quality construction, reputed builder, etc.

However, the financial advisers say that you might probably not get a sound compounded annual growth of about 15-20% received during 2004-09. This doesn’t imply that the prices may fall all together; we sure can expect a return of around 5-8%. Though it sounds to be an unattractive investment, you can still purchase a house for your end use when you find an appropriate one. Furthermore, quality houses built by reputed builders such as Sai Kalyan Builders and Developers do maintain their brand value and can be expected for better returns than their competitors.

Bangalore Real Estate:

Being a largest IT hub, Bangalore real estate gives equal importance to residential as well as commercial sector. With demand outstripping the supply and recent infrastructure improvements such as Metro Phase I and 2, Bangalore is expected to receive more demand in real estate sector. Although the recent game changing laws have made the Real estate sector to a stagnant condition, the demand is expected to dominate for few crucial factors such as reasonable price, recent infrastructure developments and a better environment. It is advisable that home buyers give importance for quality, brand and location rather than focusing only on price while purchasing a house.

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