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Wallpaper or Paint: Which do your walls love the most?

We show much interest in buying the best property at a great location and doing great interiors but have we ever given a thought on choosing a right type of wall treatment.

Interiors are what make a house your home”, we completely accept this statement but to enhance the aura of a house, it is essential that you need to choose the right type of wall treatment.

 If you are thinking that it is an easy task, well, the answer is “No”.

With the huge number of products available in the market, homeowners are often confused between the popular options “Paint or Wallpaper”.

How do the walls of your home enjoy the luster if you aren’t sure whether to paint or wallpaper them?

If you choose wisely, you can take advantage of transforming the space dramatically.  While both Wallpaper and Paint have their own pros and cons, the right option based on your unique needs can only best express your individuality.

The best way to maneuver through the seemingly endless selections is by comparing the five essential factors to make a correct choice.

Wallpaper or Paint Which do your walls love the most

Wallpaper vs Paint: Variety of choices

We always look for variety in colors and finishes to create magnificent walls for our home. When we compare wallpaper and paint, both come with a variety of choices. Paint is available in any color of your choice, also in many finishing looks such as satin, matte, glossy and semi-glossy.  In fact, there are more than hundreds of texturing techniques used today. When we look ats Wallpaper options, it is indeed giving a tough competition to paint with a huge variety of colors, patterns, and finishes.

Wallpaper vs Paint: Longevity

One of the essential factors that we need to look upon is “durability”. If your walls fade or worn out in just a few years of applying then you would definitely go mad, isn’t it?. When you compare wallpaper and paint, good quality paint that has been finished well, lasts up to 5 years whereas the wallpaper is your long-term partner as it lasts around fifteen years on Indian walls. However, if in case of any mishap then you need to tear the whole thing down and redo the entire process.

Wallpaper vs Paint: Cost

Paint is in practice for a pretty long time in India and you can easily find resources to get the job done for you. So, expect a less cost for painting the walls than wallpapering it.  Wallpaper is indeed expensive but it is a one-time investment that lasts longer than paint. Hence, Wallpaper proves to be beneficial in a long run.

Wallpaper vs Paint: Application

For Indian walls, paint is considered as an easy and less fussy option. It will demand only a day or two to paint a room of standard size. When we look at wallpaper, it is the newly propping option and it needs to be done by an expert. Being an elaborate process to follow, it demands more time and patience. If you want to apply another wallpaper, unlike paint where you have an option of painting on top of the old one, the old wallpaper needs to be removed first before applying the second one.

Wallpaper vs Paint: Customization

Wallpaper, which was once restricted to five-star hotels and restaurants is now surfacing more and more in our homes. Though being relatively a new entrant in India, WallPaper does come in different standard designs to choose for. But, customizing is challenging in Wallpaper as it is tricky to find an expert who prints it for you whereas paint offers ample opportunity to customize your desired color.

Having read this article, you would have gained insight on which will be the best option to choose. But, wait… you don’t have to pick one or the other.

Do you know that a well-designed space incorporates both wallpapers and paint into their designs?

Yes, you can choose to have a mix of both by doing a feature wall where you create one focal wall with a stunning wallpaper design and paint rest of your walls.

As a final note, walls create a huge impact on your home’s aesthetic and if you are in a doubt it is better to get the professionals in. We would love to hear your comments on “how you transformed your walls to deliver impeccable interiors?”.

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