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Vastu Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Apartment or A Flat

Vastu Shastra, commonly called as Vastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture that has perfectly formulated with sound scientific principles to channelize the positive energy inside the house. Congratulations on your decision to buy an Apartment or a Flat, here are the few Vastu tips that you can make note of while looking for a house.

Vastu tips to keep in mind before buying an Apartment or a Flat:

A Vastu compliant house can open the doors of happiness, health, wealth, and prosperity and that is the reason behind home buyers preferring 100 % Vastu compliance houses. The benefits of Vastu are immense and renowned builders such as Sai Kalyan Builders and developers prefers to implement the Vastu sutras well in advance in design stage itself.

Vastu Tips for Apartments or Flats


The first and foremost thing to look at is the entrance of a house because it holds the key to bring in a positive vibration. When you are choosing an apartment, make sure to check the main entrance gate being located in north or north east direction. As per Vastu, west and south entrances are not recommended. When you narrow down this to the entrance of your home, the best location is North, East, or North West.


A kitchen’s best location inside your home is the South-east corner. Since this place is governed by Lord Agni also named as Agni Moola it is the perfect pick for cooking.

Kid’s Room:

Look out for the kid’s room in a house as it needs to be located in northeast or northwest part of the house. The window should open to the North allowing ample sunlight as well as preventing harmful rays of sun entering the room directly.


The ideal location for bathrooms and toilets are South-West or the Southern corner of the apartment. Usually, the wind direction is from northeast to southwest, hence avoid washrooms located in the north-east corner of a house. The contaminated air might pass from toilet to the living room and severely affecting the immunity of the inhabitants.

Master Bedroom:

Southwest direction is the perfect location for the house owner to sleep, so master bedroom placed here is the correct choice. A bedroom between the east and southeast direction needs to be avoided as sleeping in these places contributes to increased anxiety and misunderstandings with their life partner.

Center of the apartment:

Center of an apartment needs to be with good light as per Vastu Sastra and placing closed spaces like kitchen wouldn’t be an ideal decision. A living room is a correct choice to be placed in the center of a house.

Vastu is a precious gift from our ancestors which is not something supernatural instead a science with accurately drawn principles. Vastu gives importance to mother nature and its guidelines are based on a balanced principle between nature and mankind resulting in improved living and enhanced positiveness.

The Revival of Vastu in real estate is as per the saying “Old is Gold”. This traditional science has gained a popularity in this modern era after understanding its importance. Sai Kalyan Builders and developers are one such example for this with all their houses being built with 100% Vastu compliance.

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