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Useful Vastu Sastra tips for Living room and Bed Room

An ancient science that works on the principle of Panchbhootas aligned with building structures is called Vastu Sastra. In fact, this sacred science assures a stress-free life when you follow its guidelines. Each direction has its own unique property that needs to be utilized in a positive way which is better achieved by placing the rooms in Vastu specified directions.

Vastu tips for Living Room:

Enhance the positive effect in Living room of your home with the below-discussed tips.

  1. The perfect direction to design a living room is at North or East direction since it allows the morning rays to enter your house along with positive vibrations.
  2. The living room door needs to be positioned either at east or in west direction.
  3. A rectangle or square shaped furniture is the best choice for your living room which needs to be placed either in western or southern corners. Also, avoid placing the furniture clinging to the wall as it will not allow positive energy to flow generously.
  4. If you are designing a fireplace at your living room, then picking the southeast direction is the correct place as per Vastu.
  5. Choose the colours that will give you a soothing effect such as yellow, green, white and blue for your living room. Vastu is suggesting to avoid colours like red and black as they don’t contribute any elegance to your decor.
  6. Hanging heavy chandelier at the center portion of the living room and hanging any portrait of God above the main entrance door should be avoided. Also, avoid hanging pictures carrying birds, war scenes, women, animals and weeping children at the living room as it might eliminate a cheerful atmosphere.
  7. Place your water bodies such as an aquarium, water fountains, etc in the north to east area of your living room to bring fortune.
  8. For your Air conditioner or cooler, West and north are the perfect directions and don’t go for northwest or southeast directions as they are not the suitable ones.
  9. An ample amount of open space or room in the eastern and northern corners is really necessary as per Vastu.
  10. The head of the family needs to sit in the living area facing East or North direction in order to remain in command.

Vastu tips for Bedroom:

A bedroom is a place where you escape from all your worries and retire to a perfect harmony. You can achieve a tension-free sleep when your bedroom is placed in the correct direction.

  1. Our first consideration is about Master bedroom which is used by the head of the family and it needs to be located in the southern part of the house. The ideal location for the master bedroom is Southwest direction. The other bedrooms need to be located either towards North or East of the master bedroom.
  2. The shape of the master bedroom needs to be square or rectangle to enjoy prosperity while living in the house.
  3. It is better to avoid placing the mirror in front of your bed and also no light beams should fall directly on your bed from windows or ventilators.
  4. Hang pictures or paintings in the bedroom that enhances joy and harmony and avoid pictures that depict negativity or violence.
  5. Sleeping with your head facing towards south direction gives peace and harmony.
  6. As a generalized rule of Vastu, a bedroom should not be constructed above porch and kitchen also at the central portion of the house or in the basement.

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