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Understand the Importance of Vastu Elements and Directions

Vaastu Sastra is a traditional science that gives instructions for building a home that effectively correlates the five elements and directions to bring in positive vibrations inside the house. This age-old tradition knows how to effectively balance the five elements and directions with man and material.

Let’s dwell on five important elements that Vastu talks about

Five Elements:

The entire universe is made up of five elements and in a home, each of its direction is dominated by one element. The balance among these five elements is bough by Vastu Sastra which transforms your home to an enlightened one.

Earth: Earth is the most important element that exerts maximum energy and influences the people who are living here. The land or the plot on which the building is built is what we are talking here. The selection of the site is utmost important and it demands a detailed inspection of the plot before starting to build.

Water: Water is the second essential element in Vastu Sastra and you can see water present everywhere on the earth as sea, river, rain, etc. The water sources of the building need to be placed in specific directions mentioned by Vastu. For example, the water bodies like Swiming pool needs to be placed in Northeast direction only.

Fire: Sunlight is the natural source of light and it is the essence of our life. Sun provides warmth to us but when it shoots up it is tough to bear the rays. This is the same case with Fire too, it is an impulsive and dangerous element that can suddenly transform from being a simple burning element to a bursting one. Vastu is suggesting Fire in a house such as a kitchen or electrical gadgets to be placed in the Southeast direction to avoid any mishaps.

Air: Without air, none of the living beings will survive in the earth and this fact is well understood by Vastu. Air is the mixture of gases, atomic pressure and humidity levels which is essential for us and a balanced percentage needs to enter our house. Hence, the windows and doors should be placed in a proper direction to enjoy the maximum amount of airflow inside your house.

Space: Space plays an important role in our life and it is related to the center portion of the house. Also called as Brahmasthan, this place is the heart of the house and needs to be left open. A better option is open to sky ceiling so that you acquire more good benefits from this space element. You might have noticed our ancient Indian homes are always constructed with the center portion of the house being open to the sky.

Vastu Directions:

Directions play a major role in a building and a perfect orientation can enhance a comfortable living as well as bestows us with positive energies. In total, there are eight directions where in East, West, North, and south are called Cardinal directions. The place where two directions meet such as Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest are called as intercardinal or ordinal points. When you give importance to all these directions and honor the lords governing them, then you will be bestowed with the blessings of them.

East: A direction that is governed by Lord Indra bestowing wealth and pleasures of life

West: Lord of Rain, Varuna Deva is governing this direction who brings prosperity and pleasures of life.

North: God of wealth, Kuber is governing this direction.

South: Lord of death, Yama is governing this direction and eradicates evil forces from your house.

South East: Being governed by Lord Agni, it is a source of health in this direction as it is related to fire and cooking.

South West: Lord Niruti is governing this direction by protecting us from evil forces.

North West: Lord Vayu is governing this direction by bringing in good health, strength and long life.

North East: Lord Eeshaan is supervising this direction and relieves us from all the miseries of our life.

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