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The Basics Of Vastu And “Why One Should Follow?”

“Vastu” needs no introduction when you have already roamed the whole Bangalore for buying an apartment. By this time, you would have gained a better knowledge of “what Vastu signs that you have to look for?” in an apartment. But, let me ask you two questions “Did Vastu started all of a sudden?” or “is it related to only modern housing?”. Well, Vaastu is in existence for a pretty long time and is considered as an ancient science of direction. Shall we dive more into this topic?

What is Vastu Sastra?

An ancient Indian science of architecture, “Vaastu Sastra” brings in the advantages of five elements of nature inside a house by balancing them with the humans and materials. Our sages and seers have already revealed the secret of planning and construction of buildings which paves way for an enhanced health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity of your family. The world is composed of five major elements (paanncha boothas) namely, earth, water, air, fire and space and each has its own benefits which can be molded to human needs by the act of design.

The Basics of Vastu Sastra:

With nine planets existing in the galaxy, the earth is the only suitable planet for a living and is because of the existence of five elements. Vastu principles are derived from the above fact and so they open up the gate for the five elements to enter with a positive vibration. Vastu principles are helpful from the early stage of designing a house, in fact, it is even more helpful at the stage of choosing a correct plot too. Nowadays, we prefer to buy apartments in which we don’t have an option of choosing a plot but you do have the option of choosing reputed builders such as “Sai Kalyan Builders and developers” who give importance and ingrain the Vastu principles in each of their projects from its initial stage of deciding a plot according to Vastu guidelines.

According to Vastu, the orientation of a building should be flawless and should have an optimum design that not only saves energy but also provides comfortable living and complete harmony to its owners. The optimum design signifies the use of proper knowledge of eight directions namely North, Northeast, East, Eastsouth, South, Southwest, West and Westnorth to arrive at a building design that channelise positive energy inside the home. We obviously know that east, west, north, and south are the four major directions, but the edges where two directions meet is more significant as they receive a strong combined force emitted from their corner directions. That is the reason, Vastu basics include eight directions not four since each one of them has their own significance in the construction of a house.

Why should one follow it?

Do you know that each living being is influenced by Paancha boothas? Yes, not only humans but even the smallest creature crawling on the land can experience an altered living, if the equilibrium is not maintained by these five elements. Vastu Shastra is a combined effect of Science, art, astronomy, and astrology to make our lives better. Utilizing these natural energies in a positive way can help us to achieve peace, pleasure, prosperity, and wealth in our life. When a house is built according to the guidelines of Vastu, you are assured of enjoying a healthy and happy life.

Do you know that there were many studies conducted on famous buildings, temples, etc and was concluded that it was all built according to Vastu principles?

Invest in 100 % Vastu compliance premium residential development such as “Sai Kalyan Ultima” and create cherishable memories with your loved ones. If you are looking for flats for sale in Bangalore within 50 lakhs, then ‘ULTIMA’ project is one of the best choices.

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