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Residential Projects in Bangalore

Residential Projects in Bangalore, having a house of one’s dream is the core idea of great life to almost every two out of three people. Although each individual might consider the thought differently based on their constraints, the value of owning a house can never lose its value.

When we talk about Residential Projects in Bangalore, there might be many key factors to be considered while investing in a property. Considering the booming real estate market and the rapidly expanding city such as Bangalore, the right investment at the right time can turn out to bring all your dreams to come true.

There are certain vital considerations to be made while possessing your dream home. When you look out for Residential Projects in Bangalore we have made a list of important ones over here which could be of help to you in your planning. Since they are all quite interlinked to each other, it is recommended best to give them all a thought at least once.

Property type – It might be your first house or it might be an investment option you are considering or even a better luxurious living secondary property, your possession needs to be decided up front. There is a wide variety of options available, to be considered from. An individual house or a duplex house gives you a sense of freedom, while the flats or apartments bring on the joy of community living. While the row houses can make it affordable, penthouses can be a mixed bag of comfort, luxury, style, and affordability, all at once. Your villa or a bungalow purchase can be a benchmark of your style and elegant lifestyle you choose. 

Location – Most areas in Bangalore are standalone ones with their own unique feature. Every area has its own schools, parks, hospitals, banks, hotels, religious places for a secure and peaceful living. But one might want to consider the location, based on other important factors, such as work commute distance because avoiding the city traffic is one of the best things to do. You can also finalize the location based on choosing the posh areas, depending on your lifestyle choice. 

Finances – The primary factor which cannot be undermined at any stage, the budget needs to be calculated efficiently to go for a long run. Consider all the income sources,  clubbed with all the expenditures you are likely to incur over the next ten-year period. There are also a whole array of banks providing home loans at affordable interest rates. So a little dig into that will get you through the process. It is also a good option to consider getting insurance for your dream home, as a part of a safe investment plan. 

Developers and Amenities – The choice of a developer should always be considered based on extensive research of their past projects and a diligent look into their ongoing or the upcoming projects. There are myriad developers who can confuse you with all their specifications and clauses, however with the increase in knowledge of the market, you should be able to thoroughly get past it. Almost every developer offers amenities in a gated community that is satiable to the luxurious and a serene life one yearns for. Most notable ones include 24-hour electricity supply, water supply, security, and maintenance staff service, socializing options such as clubhouse, party place, relaxation methods like spa service, ATMs, grocery shops, health facilities, indoor and outdoor sports areas, gymnasium, swimming pool and many more. 

Next, we try to drill down the choices to the primary residential projects in Bangalore and you might want to consider them based on the choice you have made of your possession.

Residential Projects in North Bangalore: 

North Bangalore is the hub of major business companies, IT companies, educational institutions that are into Engineering, Medical, Agriculture and Research Degrees. This is also a place near to the International Airport. You can find apartments as small as 1 BHK to large luxurious villa plots ranging as low as 9 Lakh Rupees to the higher ends at about 10 Crore Rupees. A few ready to move-in projects are listed as follows – 

Godrej Devanahalli at Devanahalli

Sai Kalyan Ultima at Thanisandra

Sai Kalyan Winst

Sai Kalyan Pardus

Sai Kalyan Cubics

Brigade Bricklane at Hebbal

Brindavan Signature at HBR Layout

We here brought to you only a few of the Residential Projects in Bangalore while there are a plethora of others which are available based on your preferred location and the investment plan. So, happy living!

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