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Learn about Khathas (A KHATHA And B KHATHA) and the Difference Between Them

Are you going to purchase your own cozy nest in Bangalore? A wonderful decision, “Namma Bengaluru” is the most preferred city for many of the home investors. But, before stepping into much of the details, the first basic one that you should be knowing is “KHATHA”.

What is “Khatha”?

Khatha is an essential document that decides whether the property that you are buying is legal or not.

The primary administrative body Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike also called as BBMP, is the one who takes care of the civic and infrastructural assets in Bangalore. According to them, Khatha is actually an assessment of the property by recording all the official details like size, location, built up area, etc. In fact, this Khatha is pretty much important document for the owner of the property as it serves as his/her identification for paying taxes. It needs to be submitted when you require a building license, trade license or a loan. Hence, holding Khatha is mandatory in order to pay your property taxes properly.

A Khata Vs B Khata - Sai Kalyan Builders Blog

What is A Khatha and B Khatha?

Often the twin words “A Khatha” and “B Khatha” keeps ringing in your ears when you look for apartments in Bangalore, isn’t it? If you are unclear about these two Khathas then don’t fret, we have broken it down for you to understand clearly.

A Khatha:

A Khata certifies that the property that you are owning is legal and you have duly paid the property taxes to the BBMP. With having an A Khata in your hand, you can apply for trade licenses, building licenses or avail loans from banks on the property. If you are planning for a financial transaction related to your property in Bangalore than having an A Khatha denotes that your property is effectively legal.

B Khatha:

A separate register is being maintained by the BBMP with the lists the illegal properties that still have ownership in the city of Bangalore is called B Khata. Though it is pointed as an illegal property, the civic charges for the property have been duly paid by the owner. One thing to note that you can upgrade the B Khata properties to A Khata properties when these criteria are fulfilled
1) Payment of Betterment Charges as levied by the BBMP,
2) Payment of all property taxes till date ,
3) DC converted property.

Difference Between A Khatha and B Khatha:

1) In the eyes of the law, A Khatha properties are legal but B Khatha are not, even if you have ownership documents.
2) Reselling or transferring ownership of A Khatha properties are pretty easy and smooth.
3) A Khatha is a final document to prove the legal ownership where as B Katha is a temporary one.
4) Construction permits are allowed for A Khatha were as it is restricted for B Khatha.

With only hand picked builders providing A Khatha certificate, it is really important that you need to look for a good builder such as “Sai Kalyan Builders and developers” who provide A Khatha certificate. It is advisable to buy an A Khatha property like “Sai Kalyan Ultima” for a smoother financial transaction and pay your property taxes properly in future.

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