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Key Factors to the Rise of North Bangalore

This Silicon Valley of India is not only attracting IT people but also a glittery diamond for Real estate investors. For several decades, Bangalore has been witnessing lots of migration and is showing a phenomenal growth. In fact, Bangalore is the perfect choice for many home buyers for its great weather conditions and other facilities like malls, hospitals, etc.

Namma Bengaluru’s hot place that is showing an immense amount of growth is “North Bangalore”. While other locations are suffering congestion, North Bangalore is still calm and serene with new residential and commercial developments propping up every now and then.

If you think of “why this sudden liking for North Banglore by Real estate investors?”, then here are the key factors

1) Reach to Airport easily: Being a regular commuter, you might be familiar with Bangalore traffic. If you are starting from south Bangalore to reach the airport, it will definitely take not less than 3 hours to land to the airport. Ironically, you can fly to other states in just half an hour but reaching to the airport takes 3 hours. Being located in Devanahalli, if you get a house in North Bangalore “wouldn’t it be easy to fly?”. True, inauguration of Kempegowda International Airport has made everyone turn their heads towards North Bangalore.

2) Availability of Space: North Bangalore is still not completely spoilt with congestion and traffic. There are still large parcels of lands available in affordable rates unlike the other parts of Bangalore. With large space, nature is in abundance in North Bangalore and if you want to breathe some fresh air then go for it.

3) Tech Parks: Name “Manyatha”, you can never find a person who is unfamiliar with this name. Many IT people from various parts of Bangalore travel more than 2 to 3 hours to Manyatha tech park daily. Many projects are in the pipe line for commercial IT parks in North Bangalore, which will see a push in the future real estate market.

4) Infrastructure facilities: When you are settling in a place, you would look for essentials like hospitals, schools, Shops, roads, and transportation. This area has witnessed a rise in social and physical infrastructure in recent times. In fact, the arrival of the airport has contributed to a range of facilities like flyovers, road widening, etc in North Bangalore. Entertainment is not at its loss, there are many places to enjoy during the weekend like malls, restaurants, and parks.

5) Connectivity: Having great connectivity is the biggest advantage of North Bangalore. It is well connected with other parts of Bangalore through rail and road. The express way joining Hebbal and Yelahanka has reduced the travel time to the airport. Many upcoming projects in the pipeline like High-Speed Rail Link will even make better connectivity in future.

Driven by many beneficial factors like new infrastructure developments, nearness to airport, greater connectivity, abundance land availability and IT parks, real estate is showing an increased curve of growth. Being a Reputed builder, We, “Sai Kalyan Builders and developers” are well aware of the need of Bangaloreans and are offering premium luxury apartments at affordable rates in different areas of North Bangalore. A house for everyone is our aim and our successful projects are Sai Kalyan Winst, Sai Kalyan Cubics, Sai Kalyan Pardus and Sai Kalyan Ultima.

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