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Important Kitchen Vastu Tips That One Should Definitely Know

An integral part of each Indian house that definitely demands an enhanced aura through Vastu is Kitchen. Each and every tiny member sitting on your kitchen cabinet has its own importance in preparing a delicious food for your loved ones. The very essence of this Vastu position is well understood by renowned builders such as Sai Kalyan Builders and Developers and thus they focus on ingraining even the minute Vastu details in each of their projects. 100% Vastu compliance is one of the critical element to achieve in all the apartments but it is not for Sai Kalyan Builders and developers and they have never compromised on this till date.

The ancient science is giving you few tips to install the best environmental energy in your kitchen so that you can attain a great benefit without compromising the decor of your house.

Ideal placement of kitchen in a house:

Vastu Sastra is one of the ancient science for buildings and it perfectly gives a layout of where to place the kitchen in a house. Agni, the “Lord of Fire” prevails in the south east direction in a home, so design your kitchen to be built in that direction in order to achieve most of its benefits. There is indeed an alternative if you couldn’t find a suitable place in a southeast direction, pick the northwest direction.

Gas Stove Placement:

South east corner of the kitchen is the perfect place to lay your gas stove. Why because? A gas stove is the fire element of the kitchen and it should perfectly sit in the corner where the lord of fire exists. The person who is cooking should avoid facing west and instead should face towards east to cook not only a delicious food but also that gives a better health and positive energy.


Here comes our most important element of a kitchen, well it is the Storage division. We store grains, spices, food, utensils, cutleries and all other items essential for cooking in kitchen. Thanks to the invention of Modular kitchen, a smart way of storing all these items without creating any mess. Vastu Sastra clearly gives ideas of where the storage cupboards needs to be fitted. Keep in mind while designing your modular kitchen, the storage cupboards are to be placed on the southern and western wall of the kitchen and avoid placing them on north and east walls.


The refrigerator is the cooling element sitting in the Agni moola. So, you need to pick an apt direction to place it in the kitchen and the suitable ones are southeast, west, south or north direction. The most suitable place is Southwest corner and the place that you need to avoid is northeast. Bring good fortune to your house by placing the refrigerator a foot away from the corner.

“Vastu for Kitchen” is an essential thing to look out when you are visiting apartments to purchase or when you are building your independent house. The kitchen represents the Fire element and we all know that fire in the controlled element can transform uncooked food into a nutrition rich delicious food for your family. Nowadays, big builders like Sai Kalyan Builders and developers are giving importance to this ancient science and designing all their apartments according to Vastu.

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