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Importance of North-East Corner and the Significance of Colours

Vastu is a significant part of scientific field and knowledge which plays the role of a bridge between the inner space of an individual and the outer space or environment. Therefore, people consult vastu tips before they start furnishing their house to attain peace and safety. The Northeast corner is also known as “Ishanya” as per Vastu science. Colours too play a major role in providing with peace and harmony to your home. The selection of colours leaves a mental impact on you and therefore needs to be chosen correctly. In this article, we will talk about the significance of the Northeast corner in your home and the importance of different colours and the role they play in your daily lives.

Let us first have a look at why significant importance is placed on the North-East Corner of your house and what are the special tips for it:

  • Ancient texts have placed special importance to the North-East corner. There is a special importance to the Ishanya corner in the selection of land, entrance of your home and the direction of exterior and interior colours of your house. This direction is believed to be charged with spiritual energies and power.
  • The sun rises from the east and keeps moving towards the north, and therefore you would want your house to receive the very auspicious and positive warmth of the first rays of the sun on your house. It is thus recommended to place your prayer room or meditation room in the North-East direction for a positive atmosphere.
  • As per Vastu principles, you need to keep the North-East corner of your house completely clean and tidy. If possible, try to grow a garden in the North-East corner of your land, to activate the bio-cosmic energies present in the environment. This helps in enhancing mental peace and brings prosperity and welfare.
  • Avoid keeping any heavy items in this direction. You should not build a bathroom or kitchen in this direction since this direction is highly active with auspicious spirit, life force energy and positive power. You must also avoid keeping any toiletries or sanitary items like broom stick etc. Your prayer house must be placed in the North-East direction.
  • The North-East corner of your house must be designed carefully so that it can receive the rays of the sun and have a nice ventilation system to keep it fresh and flowing all the time. Make sure no object or construction blocks the area from receiving sunlight or air. The area has always been related to positivity, prosperity, and welfare.

So you can see that the North-East corner of your house has a very significant impact on the overall ambiance of your home. The corner’s position and maintenance must be taken care of. Make sure you maintain all the guidelines that we have discussed to enjoy prosperity and peace of mind whenever you are present in your house.

Significance of Different Colours

Colours are present everywhere we look at. They have a significant role to play in our daily lives as well, especially their presence inside our house has a big impact. When we place the correct colour combination as per the vastu principles, it helps us to relax, have a peace of mind and have a tranquil mood when we step into our house. Colours have a great impact on the ambiance and your mood. So now we will discuss the importance and how we must place our colour choices inside our house.

Blue: it is related to the colour which arrives with spring and leads to new beginnings. Blue promotes subtle and peaceful visuals. The blue shade is an excellent choice for bedrooms or meditation rooms.

Yellow: The colour yellow is warm and bright. It promotes patience and wisdom. Whenever we see the colour, a bright visual retreat is presented to us. The rooms which do not get direct sunlight can be painted with yellow to make them look bright and warm. It can also be used in your prayer room or on the prayer wall which is located in the North-eastern direction.

Green: green is such a natural colour which symbolizes hope and peace. The colour spreads a feeling of harmony, tranquility. It can be used in study rooms where peace and relaxation are necessary for the brain to function properly and calmly.

Orange: orange symbolizes power coupled with positive spirituality. It promotes a healthy relationship, optimistic ambiance and much more. This colour can be used anywhere because it has so much positivity.

Red: it is the colour of power and passion. Red symbolizes the feeling of confidence and exerts a feeling of passion related to many things in your daily life. This colour should be present in the bedroom or living room making them vibrant and comfortable.

White: the colour white always promotes peace and calmness. It can be used to paint your bedroom, living room and even the kitchen. Visualising white colour brings a calmness to your mind and can be combined with other hues of different colours.

Black: Black is a colour that must be avoided when you are planning the colour decor of your house. It is dull and may cast an ambiance of despair.

The Bottomline

As you have read through this long article about how the direction and colours of Vastu has a significant impact over your daily life, you now know which colour can be used where and how the North-East direction needs to be treated. The importance of keeping the principles of Vastu in mind should not be neglected. Using proper colour in the correct direction will help you to bring a good ambiance, prosperity, good health and peace of mind to your house and yourself. Therefore it must be noted which colour can go well with which direction and decorate your house accordingly. You home is a place of good ambiance and must promote secured peace of mind to you and your family.

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