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How Can A Room Colour Affect Your Mood In Your Home?

Imagine living in a space where you can see only black and white combo,” “Wouldn’t it be monotonous?” True and now “Have you understood the importance of the role played by different colours?”. Imagine living in a space where you can see only black and white combo,” “Wouldn’t it be monotonous?” True and now “Have you understood the importance of the role played by different colours?”.

Colours play a vital role in our lives and those colours splashed on the walls of your room depicts your personality. Infact, these painted colours can affect your moods too. Interesting, isn’t it? When you make a right choice of colours for your walls, it can pacify your mind and boost your energy levels. The major influential factors of our daily lives are health, happiness, and mood, which are closely tied up with the colours of your home. Each colour has its own impact and choose it wisely to enjoy the peace and harmony at your home.

Different Colours and Their Effects On Us:

Playing with colours is fun but care needs to be taken while choosing multiple colours for a single room. Limit the number of colours in a room to not more than 3 or 4 so that you will not get a cluttered feel. The main colour sutra is, light colours gives a larger and brighter looking feel for the rooms where as dark colours give a more intimate appearance.

Shall we have a closer look at colour palate to know the desired effects of each colour?

  1. White: A colour symbolising the purity would definitely be a perfect fit for ceilings, isn’t it? Yes, this is what even Vastu experts are suggesting. White colour can transform the look of a small room into bright and spacious one.
  2. Red: The most intense colour that can pep up your mood as well as raise a room’s energy level instantly is Red. An entry way painted with red can be a perfect choice to create a strong first impression. You can even splash some red on living and dining room to stir up excitement as well as to attract people to come together for a conversation.
  3.  Blue: You can find no better colour than blue to calm your mind and slow down your heart rate and blood pressure. So, this colour is often opted one to paint in bedrooms, bathrooms and in social areas like family rooms. Prefer lighter shades of blue and refrain from using darker shades to avoid the feeling of sadness getting evoked.
  4. Yellow: An elegant look is guaranteed with yellow as it reflects the joy of sunshine and enhances happiness. Dining rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms can wear a yellow coat for experiencing an energised feeling.
  5. Green: Wouldn’t you experience a peaceful and fresh feeling when you look at a green meadow? Yes, you can experience the same feeling when you paint your room with green as it is closely associated with mother nature. Be liberal to splash this colour on any room of your choice.
  6. Orange: Evoke your enthusiasm and excitement with Orange colour. A better choice for an activity room like exercise room rather than bedrooms or living rooms.
  7. Purple: Choose those lilac and lavender shades to achieve a classy look for your rooms. A dramatic feel and sophisticated looks are what a purple can offer to your room.

After going through the effects of each colour, now the decision is in your hands. Pick the colours wisely like how you picked a perfect builder “Sai Kalyan Builders and developers” to enjoy each and every moment in your cozy nest. When your home is perfectly crafted, your worries are evaded and that is the main motto of “Sai Kalyan Builders and developers”. Your only worry now is to choose the perfect colours for each room to add elegance to your home.’

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