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Go For a Quality Check on Construction before Buying an Apartment

Quality check is not only needed in IT companies but also a most important one to do before you buy an apartment. Here are the proactive measures that you need to take in order to judge the quality of a construction.

1) Soil: Soil is the base for any construction and it is important that the builder needs to do a soil test before starting his project. In fact, a soil test can reveal this crucial factor of whether it can withstand a high raise foundation or not. Some soils such as clay-rich soil are not suitable for construction for its expanding or shrinking nature. “Why not ask your builder for a copy of soil test to know the results?”.

2) Structural design: If you are constructing an independent house then you would have already approached an architect to make a perfect design for your house. But, in the case of an apartment, it might be difficult to assess the structural design by yourself to find out many crucial factors such as its earth quake withstanding capacity. Ask your builder for a copy of the structural design created by the builder’s architect and consult with an independent architect.

3) Quality fittings: Check with the builder for the brand of electrical wiring that he will be installing and verify the same. Another thing that you need to verify is the quality of plumbing materials such as bathroom fittings. Bad plumbing might lead to leakage problems and cause discomfort while you are staying in that apartment. Similarly, poor quality electrical wiring proves to be dangerous.

4) Paint Quality: Good quality paints are like rain coat as they not only protect the wall but also increases the longevity of it. Ask your builder about the details of the paint that they will be painting and also inspect the site by yourself to verify the same. If it is already painted and you see paints coming out in many places in your apartment then ask for a repaint before buying it.

5) Wall thickness and plastering: Builders notify the wall width measurements in their agreements, but you need to verify the same by visiting the construction site and measuring it. At the same time, measure the strength of the wall by pressing it and checking if any hole can be made easily or not. Try tapping with your knuckles and hear the sound to measure the hollowness of the wall. Wall plastering is equally important and if you notice uneven plastering or visible cracks in most of the places then it implies that the builder has used low-quality materials.

6) Elevators: Imagine the condition of those who are staying in 14th floor and they often see an “out of order” board being hung on the elevators. Wouldn’t it be frustrating?. Especially during emergencies, if the lift is not working then it would be of major discomfort. A good brand and quality elevator is an essential one in high rise buildings. In addition, proper elevator installation and elevator ratio are the two other criteria that you need to look for before buying.

Reputed builders such as “Sai Kalyan Builders and developers” know that maintaining the building quality is the key factor to establish their brand in fierce real estate industry. In fact, they have completed their three previous projects successfully. “Sai Kalyan Ultima” is their latest project which is conveniently located amidst the lush green nature-scaped garden in just 100mts from Manyatha Business Park.

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