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5 Most Important Tips of Vastu to Enhance Concentration and Knowledge in Students

Vastu Knowledge for Students

In today’s modern world, tight schedules and deadlines are not common only with IT employees even students are undergoing them. Especially, those who are facing their board exams are often put under immense pressure to cover all the subjects in a short time period. Along with studies, students participate in other co-curricular activities like sports, projects, music, and much more. ...

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Wallpaper or Paint: Which do your walls love the most?

We show much interest in buying the best property at a great location and doing great interiors but have we ever given a thought on choosing a right type of wall treatment. “Interiors are what make a house your home”, we completely accept this statement but to enhance the aura of a house, it is essential that you need to ...

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5 Décor Elements To Avoid At Home As Per Vastu

A Home is a beautiful place where each one of us leaves our worldly chaos upon entering and is also an emotionally safe and secure place that feeds us with peace. Your worries and stress needs to be lifted to make you feel lighter only if your home attracts positive energy. Our Ancient Indian Science of architecture, Vastu Sastra is ...

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What Do You Understand By The Meditation?

What Do You Understand By The Meditation

This question might sound tricky, but the definition of meditation is beyond the understanding of your mind. It can be explained as the recognition of something that is beyond the human body and mind. Some things in your life are not in your control. But, it is hard to believe that it is possible actually to take responsibility for your ...

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Importance of North-East Corner and the Significance of Colours

Vastu is a significant part of scientific field and knowledge which plays the role of a bridge between the inner space of an individual and the outer space or environment. Therefore, people consult vastu tips before they start furnishing their house to attain peace and safety. The Northeast corner is also known as “Ishanya” as per Vastu science. Colours too ...

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Bedroom Course Of Action According To Vastu

Vastu is a science which manages the making of amicable vitality field in nature. Encompassing with positive vibration cheers your heart and also the surrounding premises. If you have chosen to choose a reasonable accomplice or need to enhance your affection life, vastu is here to help. Appropriate situation and rectification of vitality in your room draw in affection vitality ...

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10 Interior Design Styles For Your Home

Home Decor has always been a favorite element of new home buyers. Interior Design styles are diverse and you can choose the one that attracts you the most. From a rustic old fashioned look to a modern elegance, creating it perfectly inside a home is absolutely possible. But a significant challenge that many home buyers face is a lack of ...

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5 Plants That Create Positive Energy in Your Home

Enhancing the Positivity of your house will give you a feel-good feeling as well as helps to bring the best out of you. Mother nature has gifted us with many plants that not only adds elegance to your interiors but also enhances the positive energy inside the home. Certain plants enhance the oxygen supply and eliminate the air pollution inside ...

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The Basics Of Vastu And “Why One Should Follow?”

“Vastu” needs no introduction when you have already roamed the whole Bangalore for buying an apartment. By this time, you would have gained a better knowledge of “what Vastu signs that you have to look for?” in an apartment. But, let me ask you two questions “Did Vastu started all of a sudden?” or “is it related to only modern ...

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Useful Vastu Sastra tips for Living room and Bed Room

An ancient science that works on the principle of Panchbhootas aligned with building structures is called Vastu Sastra. In fact, this sacred science assures a stress-free life when you follow its guidelines. Each direction has its own unique property that needs to be utilized in a positive way which is better achieved by placing the rooms in Vastu specified directions. ...

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