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Builders and Developers in Bangalore

Growing to be the third most populous city of India, Bangalore has gained vast boundaries over the last two decades. Bangalore houses some of the very renowned Educational Institutions which attracts a flock of students every year.

The ‘Silicon city’ as the name suggests is a huge IT hub that is hosting a myriad of companies that are spread across various domains. The result of which is a booming real estate industry at Bangalore.

Over the last few years, the number of housing units, residential plots and layouts have increased manifold. The builders and developers have gained momentum in a way unseen or unheard earlier and they continue to do so because of its wide expansion which is still under process.

Now, with a plethora of builders and developers, it can be really a humongous task for the potential property buyer. If you are new to the real estate market, there is every single chance of going bonkers looking at the configurations and specifications the builders explain.

However, a lot of research can put you out of that situation and also help you in considering a good investment plan. As we see a rising number in the builders and developers, we have also seen a rise in the unethical practices and the ill effects that have been rendered due to that.

After all, buying a dream house is everyone’s dream, be it the first time, or the luxurious upgrade, or as an investment option that yields maximum profits in the long run. Here we try to bring about the key factors to be considered while considering a builder and a developer

Secure Investment – A good investment is something that brings maximum returns and the real estate is one such market which opens up a huge potential investment option.

With the city rapidly growing, the investment can never be a failure. In case of relocation or if you have to move to a different part of the same city, we need to consider the rent or the overall gains our investment can fetch in terms of its resale value.

Choosing the right builder gives you an edge in such investment option where you can consider various types of residences based on your budget.

A good developer usually caters to all the income groups of the society and has plans according to their requirement ranging from row houses, 1 BHK, 2BHK, 3 or more BHK apartments, villa plots, individual homes that come in luxury as well as semi-luxury styles.

Amenities and the community – You can choose a property in the gated community and you need not leave the gates for most of your essential needs.

This makes a pleasant living and a community of warmth and care. The gated community is usually filled with amenities such as a clubhouse or a party place for a social gathering; swimming pool, spa for relaxation; backup electricity supply and water supply; security services with well maintained staff; a wide range of sports areas that include both indoor and outdoor activities; ATM facilities and health facilities and many more according to the plans from the developer. This is a great place for families with children and aged people. 

Trusting the builder – Most of the times, good builders and developers follow a great convention which is unknown to most buyers. They adhere to strict rules and clauses and violating them can be a bad reputation on them.

There exists an ISO certification for the builder for their quality and services. Well established builders are a part of the associations like CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India) or the BAI (Builders Association of India) that makes them trustworthy.

The builders and developers have the need to follow to the strict time schedule of on-time completion of the project else the buyer can withdraw his investment with a full refund or can invoke a compensation from the buyer.

Moving forward, we suggest a list of notable builders and developers we believe, are experienced and renowned in the field, based on their prior projects and its execution.

1. Sai Kalyan Builders & Developers – Focussing on the quality and affordability as their key area, they are offering premium luxury residential apartments in Bangalore.

Their Sai Kalyan Cubics in the northern part of Bangalore was a huge hit. Driven by the latest technology, they believe in adding value with integrity and transparency in their projects.

Their upcoming projects are the ones to definitely look out for and a great option to invest in.

2. Godrej Properties – Having completed the Godrej 17 and the Godrej Woodsman Estate at Hebbal, they have currently running projects at Yelahanka, Tumkur Road, Hebbal, Electronic City, Whitefield, Kanakapura Road. One look at their project states luxury all over.

No doubt, the Godrej group has made its mark in innovation and excellence, they have received various awards in the real estate field.

3. Tata Housing Development – With their organized planning and execution methods, their Tata Promont project is the talk of the town. This ready to move in luxury space is truly a benchmark in the real estate of India. The apartments and penthouses are uniquely crafted, spread across a whopping 14 acres situated at Banashankari, Bangalore.

4. Brigade Group – They are one of the fine groups that are into residential, commercial, retail and hospitality plots. Headquartered in Bangalore, they are one of the successful and leading property developers on South India.

Having successfully completed the Brigade North ridge, Brigade Golden Triangle, Brigade Exotica, Brigade Cosmopolis, Brigade Caladium among many other exclusive projects, Brigade Bricklane, Brigade Panorama, Brigade Atmosphere, Meadows – Plumeria Lifestyle, Brigade 7 Gardens, Brigade Buena Vista, Parkside – East, West, North are some of the magnificent ongoing/upcoming projects from them.

5. Prestige Estate Projects Ltd – They are experts in building masterpieces. Prestige Glenwood, Prestige Golfshire projects stand by the statement. Without further thoughts, one can readily move into their apartments or villas because of their selling out speed.

Some of their existing projects have just a few units left, but we have some good news. They have an array of new launches too – Prestige Song of the South, Prestige Willow Tree, Prestige Misty Waters, Prestige Botanique to name a few. 

Dreams to come true with a good dream home and we hope everybody gets their fair share of luxurious and serene lifestyle. Choose the best-suited ones for you and you will never regret your choice. 

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Why click through rate is important

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seo tips to increase your google rank in 2019

How to increase your google on rank in 2019

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