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5 Plants That Create Positive Energy in Your Home

Enhancing the Positivity of your house will give you a feel-good feeling as well as helps to bring the best out of you. Mother nature has gifted us with many plants that not only adds elegance to your interiors but also enhances the positive energy inside the home. Certain plants enhance the oxygen supply and eliminate the air pollution inside the house whereas some give you a sense of well being and peace. We are now going to discuss 5 indoor plans that create positivity in your home

1) Peace Lily: Peace Lilly can grow well even in a shaded or the darkest part of your house. It purifies the indoor air and improves the flow of positive energy. Enjoy the sense of tranquility and peaceful sleep by placing this” flower of birth” in your bedroom.

2) Jasmine: Mend the broken hearts and bring in more positive energy with a small pot of Jasmine plant sitting at the corner of your Bedroom. Jasmine exhibits soothing fragrance and it is better to place it near a south-facing window. Are you ready to buy this “Sacred flower of Persia” to your new home?

 3) Rosemary: A renowned plant since ages, Rosemary provides great medical benefits by helping you to fight against fatigue and anxiety. It attracts positive feeling inside the house and cleans the inside air. You can place a rosemary bush by your front door to keep the negative energy at bay and also to breath a non-toxic fresh air.

 4) Money Plant: Money Plant is a commonly used indoor plant that attracts good luck, prosperity and wealth to your cozy nest. Grown either as a trailer or a climber, this plant can be placed in a corner or angle to help reduce stress, anxiety, and negative vibes from your home.

 5) Holy Basil: Being a part of Hindu culture is to plant Holy Basil at home and the main motive behind this is for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.  Place this plant at north, east or northeast corner of your home to enjoy an enhanced spiritual healing effect.

Plants are a great gift of mother nature that makes your home a better place to live in. In fact, they don’t demand a lot of your time and attention but can thrive on less water and the amount of light available inside the house. In addition to above-discussed plants, there are few more in the list which can enhance the positivity of your house and they are Lucky Bamboo, Orchid, Aloe vera, Chrysanthemum, Sage, Areca Palm, English Ivy, Cactus, Lavender, Rose, and Mint. Overcome the worldly stress and enjoy a great strength to fight all the challenges by planting these indoor plants.

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