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5 Most Important Tips of Vastu to Enhance Concentration and Knowledge in Students

In today’s modern world, tight schedules and deadlines are not common only with IT employees even students are undergoing them. Especially, those who are facing their board exams are often put under immense pressure to cover all the subjects in a short time period. Along with studies, students participate in other co-curricular activities like sports, projects, music, and much more.

So, it is inevitable for each student to look for ways to enhance their concentration and knowledge in order to come out with flying colors.

Why is concentration important for Students?

Be it taking up your music lessons or preparing for a GMAT exam, “Concentration is the key to success”. Isn’t it? Concentration is the ability to stay focus on a single thing without releasing your thoughts and emotions to others.

“Do you know that a concentrated mind attracts opportunities for success?”

Concentration awakens our powers and perfectly channels them by destroying all the obstacles to our success path. The reward of your strong mental focus and knowledge is good scores and a better career.

Vastu Knowledge for Students

Vastu-An age-old science for better living:

Vastu Sastra is a traditional science for the building architecture that facilitates prosperous living by enhancing the positive energies and eliminating the negatives. Anyone can agree that we spend most of our times in either office or home. Hence, harmonious buildings that are in tune with mother nature can definitely help to achieve a balanced and happy life for their inhabitants. Like other traditional practices that were used by our ancestors, Vastu also lost its charm over centuries but thanks to the awareness that’s cropping in the recent times. We have started appreciating the use and benefits of Vastu and Vastu compliant architectural designs have been made by many renowned builders such as Sai Kalyan Builders and Developers.

We understand the importance of Vastu and has been discussing its various benefits on our blog lately. “The Basics Of Vastu And “Why One Should Follow?” in one such article that will help you to know more about this precious age-old practice. Have a peep.

We understood that Vastu Shastra is a science for the building but in “what way it is connected to increasing concentration and knowledge in students?”. Remember that Vastu Sastra is an ocean by diving into it and following its guidelines even an average student can transform into a high scorer.

What are the 5 most important tips of Vaastu that guarantees to enhance concentration and knowledge in students?

If you are building an independent house or buying up an apartment, it is essential to check the design of your house to see whether it is Vastu compliant and particularly study room is located as per the rules and guidelines of Vastu. Vastu tells you to place your study room in West, East or North-East direction of your home with the windows in the East, North or West wall to attract positive energies.

5 essential Vastu factors that influence in increasing concentration and knowledge in students are

  1. While studying, Students need to sit in the direction facing North or East.
  2. Never sit below a beam while studying also never face a blank wall or window while learning.
  3. Ensure that your study room is clean and tidy. Especially, your study desk needs to be clutter free and dust free.
  4. Few things that you can place in the study room are, a crystal onto the study desk, a glass of water near the desk and a pyramid in the room.
  5. Last but not least, keep all the electromagnetic objects away from you while studying. Your smartphones are the major distracting feature with its colorful apps and every second WhatsApp messages. So, say a strict no to them while reading.

Your study place needs to be noise free and with immense natural light. Furthermore, if you paint the walls with light soothing color, the natural lights gets reflected well.

Follow this Vastu Sastra guideline and score higher marks in your exam.

All the best!!!

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