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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An Apartment

Mistakes are common and in fact, we learn from them to act right next time. But, those mistakes that have serious outcomes should definitely be avoided. It is indeed a glad news that you are planning to buy an apartment but you should definitely avoid committing these 5 mistakes before you invest a big chunk of your life savings.

Every home buyer needs to have as much insight as possible, so here we are with the 5 pieces of mistakes to avoid.

1) Getting an apartment in a wrong location: Location is the key factor to decide first. “How do I choose the right location?” is the question that pops up immediately on your mind. The things to look for is the area’s proximity to schools, hospitals, shops, your work place and the facility of public and private transport. Also, look into its another aspect, that is the future development. “Will the area be appreciating in future?”since, this factor ensures the safe and security of your investment.

2) Crossing your limits: When you search for apartments, you can see that it ranges from 1 BHK to even 5 BHKs but purchasing the right one that fits your budget is important. You need to plan in advance and derive at answers for these two questions, “how much you can invest in a home?” and “how much amount you can avail for a home loan?”. With a little bit of math, do your calculation well in advance when no emotions are involved. There are many websites available online to do this math, do some research to find out your budget and search an apartment accordingly.

3) Hidden Costs: It’s not possible to buy a dozen of houses to learn about in and out of real estate transactions. Instead, you can definitely benefit from other’s knowledge and wisdom. If you are not cautious on this part, you might even be pushed to pay few lakhs extra. Do an online research to find out what other home buyers are saying about hidden costs. Also, you can involve a lawyer to help in these unforeseen situations.

4) Surpassing the inspection: Got enchanted with the outside beauty of an apartment, but it is important that you need to inspect inside the house. You never know how many problems are awaiting to welcome you when you do this inspection. If you happen to find any significant damage, you can negotiate with the builder to reduce the cost which prevents you from paying out of pocket costs. If you are not good at inspections, then ask your friend who is good at it to join you.

5) Not reading the Agreement: Just signing on the dotted line definitely invites few unpleasant surprises. Property agreements are hard to understand and confusing too, but, “isn’t it essential that you should know what you are committed to?”. Make sure to read and understand all the “terms and conditions” mentioned in the property agreement before signing. If you have any doubt, make it clarified immediately.

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