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5 Décor Elements To Avoid At Home As Per Vastu

A Home is a beautiful place where each one of us leaves our worldly chaos upon entering and is also an emotionally safe and secure place that feeds us with peace.

Your worries and stress needs to be lifted to make you feel lighter only if your home attracts positive energy. Our Ancient Indian Science of architecture, Vastu Sastra is warning us with some artifacts and décor elements that need to be avoided for its nature to attract negative energy.

5 Décor Elements To Avoid At Home As Per Vastu

Thorny Plants Are Out Of The Way:

Plants are wonderful décor elements that allow us to get mingled with Mother Nature. They purify the air inside our house and bring positive energy in abundance. In fact, some plants have a great medicinal value and bring better health for the family. But there are few exceptions too. When you decorate your home, it is better not to choose the thorny plants such as Cactus. Generally, in Indian culture thorny plants are not advised and the same has been implied in Vastu Sastra. You need to re consider them planting even outside your house because it is advised not to have them near your house. Choose auspicious plants such as Tulsi or those which helps you to flourish well such as Money plant or lucky charmers such as bamboo.

Avoid Exposed Overhead Beams:

It is a well known fact that a strong foundation is laid for a house with beams and columns but an exposed overhead beam can create negative effects in your house. Exposed beams in living room can create stress and depressing effects where as when an exposed beam is in bedroom then it might affect your sleep patterns adversely.

Say No To Sad And Violent Paintings:

Paintings are one of most frequently used décor element in all the houses and the most common advice that you would have probably heard from everyone is placing a “Radhekrishna painting” at your master bedroom. Even a painting of two white swans swimming together is a better choice for Master Bedroom. Beware not to use, paintings of war scenes, sad paintings, aggressive and violent paintings. It is not only the paintings but other forms such as statues, artworks are not encouraged to be placed inside the house.  In general, paintings need to bring cheerfulness but if it brings any negative feelings such as fear, sadness, and anger then strictly say no to them.

Broken Mirrors Are A Big No:

Mirrors add elegance to your home but proper care needs to be taken while placing them. Even if there is any minor defect in the mirror such as small broken edge, it is better not to place the mirror in your home. Because, placing broken mirrors anywhere in your home can easily attract misfortune. Furthermore, the placement of mirror is important. It is best to avoid them placing in a position where it reflects the bed in your bedroom and also two mirrors should not be placed facing each other.

No More Broken Idols At Your Home:

Similar to broken mirrors, broken idols and statues should not be placed at your home. If you are having idols of god and goddess with broken pieces or missing pieces then it is better to wrap up your sentiments and get them out of your house. Since, broken idols and statues attract negativity and hinder the progress of the inhabitants.

The 5 points that we have discussed now can be really helpful when you start decorating your new house. Furthermore, looking at these little things can help you and your family to enjoy peacefulness and allows you to create a house with timeless elegance.

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