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2018 Real Estate Trends In India

The most sought after investment in India has undergone a turbulent state in the year 2017. Real estate industry didn’t live by the expectations due to three significant implementations, Demonitisation, GST and RERA.  In fact, the year 2017 has become a new benchmark for the Indian real estate segment. These regulatory reforms implemented have knocked down the sales as well as the launches. With lot of liquidity crunch being created, the impact was highly experienced in all major cities and particularly in Mumbai and NCR.

Although these biggest game changing policies are successfully implemented there might still be a question that arises in every body’s mind and that is

“What will be the trends in real estate for this year?”

2018 Real Estate Trends In India - SaiKalyanBuilders

The most dynamic sector which continually offering immense employment opportunities has been shaken in 2017 but amid this scenario, we can see an initiation towards transparency and accountability that awakens the trusts of home buyers. This is not restricted to home buyers alone, credible developers such as Sai Kalyan Builders and Developers who has been building quality homes will also be seeing a positive phase.

  • Increase in affordable housing segments: We know that the entire economy is reeling for a quiet long time because of these newly implemented policies. It is true that the business cycles are affected due to buyers holding back their purchases but the year 2018 is showing some recovery signs particularly in affordable housing segments. The supply is huge in affordable housing segments and is the main reason for it experiencing a positive side. If given a thrust by the government, affordable housing will turn into a most demanding one in the year 2018.
  • Streamlined Realty Business: We can expect more joint ventures surfacing in order to present a new line up of competitors. Large players might take over the financially distressed developers and complete the existing projects. In addition, Developers will start streamlining their business process abreast to the latest policies.
  • Increase of Global Capital flow: These new laws improve transparency in real estate and expected to boost the confidence of investors. It has invested a much higher level of confidence on Non resident Indians to make their investments. We can expect the capital flow and private equity to see an increasing curve.

Although, Demonitisation is an unexpected change that shook the real estate market. GST and RERA also demanded a considerable amount of time to be invested in realty sector. But you can expect these implementations to stabilize and recover soon from the prevailing stagnant condition. Overall, we can say that the year 2018 is a buyer’s market and is a good time to invest. It is a perfect time to own a house at Sai Kalyan ULTIMA and make a best out of it in coming years.

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