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10 Interior Design Styles For Your Home

Home Decor has always been a favorite element of new home buyers. Interior Design styles are diverse and you can choose the one that attracts you the most. From a rustic old fashioned look to a modern elegance, creating it perfectly inside a home is absolutely possible. But a significant challenge that many home buyers face is a lack of understanding of different interior design styles and the ones that match their personal style. If you are looking for some style ideas for your new home then this list will be of great use to you.

Modern Design Style:

Modern Design Style refers to a simple and clean style without cluttering the space.  You can see the celebration of asymmetry with the design essence that includes clean lines in architecture as well in the types of furniture that being are used. This style insists on using fewer accessories to enjoy a spacious interior. Nailed to extreme accuracy, Modern style never opts for heavy backgrounds and would prefer to employ simplicity in every element. It is the best-suited style for apartments as it can create an effect of larger space without compromising the elegance and classy look.

Contemporary Design Style:

We can very well say “Contemporary Design style” as the other form of Modern but with more attention to natural materials. Though often being confused with Modern style, the elements of Contemporary design style is open-minded and liberal by allowing constant innovation with colors and shapes.  This style is always evolving and makes use of broader color palette, unlike Modern which prefers only the black and white tendencies. In addition, Contemporary decor applies softer and curved lining to shapes. Adapting to modifications in your tastes, attitudes, and habits in alignment to its style are the versatility of Contemporary design.

Minimalist Design Style:

The perspective of Minimalist Design style is to support minimal schemes and stresses on “less is more” concept. An extreme accuracy can be noted in this style where nothing is too much and also with no heavy backgrounds. One can obviously expect the Minimalist design style with no flashy colors, no details, and no sceneries. This design can be well quoted as “Modern style in a more simplified version”. The space abundance can be sensed easily in this style as not only the colors are neutral and airy but the furnishings are simple and streamlined leaving way to no excessiveness.

Industrial Design Style: 

When the inspiration is drawn from a Warehouse or an Urban loft then you can sense a raw nature in the style, this Industrial Design Style is all about this sense. When a trend was initiated to convert old factories into a studio apartment or loft, this style became popular. You can often notice rough surfaces with unfinished walls such as high ceilings, exposed pipes, bare windows, exposed bricks, etc. The lighting element would mostly be standing floor lamps, pendant lamps and dangling metal light. Not much, maybe one or two pieces of abstract art or photography can be noticed on the walls.

Eclectic Design Style:

A single project that would bring in a variety of styles and periods making it as a whole design, i.e. as one piece of work. The Eclectic Design Style is more like a pot that includes many different elements from the variety of styles without compromising to project your personal aesthetic sense. It is essential that the variety that you are instilling should find a rhythm and be in harmony otherwise the chances of the decor turning up as a mess is high. By building a focal point in the room and gathering a common ground among the furniture and accessories, this risk can be mitigated.

Traditional Design Style: You can experience the warmth and comfort feeling through colors, furniture designs and furniture placement in Traditional Design Style. The signature element of this style is the usage of an abundance of fabric varieties with ornate details. This style allows one to use those typical accessories, such as candle stands, vases, bowls, accent pieces, and mirrors liberally. Rooted in European sensibilities, the Traditional design uses more of dark and finished wood also features a variety of textures and curved lines with rich color palettes.

Indian Design Style: Amazingly rich in colors and patterns, Indian Design Style is characterized by unique touches. One can notice the variety of patterns and embellishments dominating in fabrics, furniture, wallpapers and even in flooring. The Spiritual elements such as Statue of deities, such as Ganesha, Paintings of Budha, are commonly used. Carpets with intricate patterns can be noticed and curtains made of cotton, jute materials are predominantly seen. Furniture is made up of solid wood decorated with artistic motifs. Ideally, the Indian Design style captures the ideals of India.

Transitional Design Style:

Transitional Design Style happens when two designs Traditional and Modern is essentially combined to result in a cohesive design. It is one of the hot trends that is ruling now. By merging traditional elements with modern, clean-lined furnishings you can enjoy a fantastic interior. A sense of balance is achieved by opting neutral color palettes. Both stylish and sleek look along with warm and inviting nature can definitely be expected in this design.

 Bohemian Design Style:

A relaxed style with no rules attached but is full of life, culture, and interesting items is Bohemian Design Style. Being a style that you can truly make your own, Bohemian homes reflects the beauty of chaos and every item in the room tells you a story. There are no rules for the colors but warm earthy colors are quite common. The decorative materials, furniture, accessories are often a mix and match that are collected over a period of time, or bought in a travel or from a vintage or second-hand shop.

Art Deco Design Style: Art Deco Design Style prefers to make a big statement with bold geometric patterns and symbolizing the wave of transformation. Enriched with rich colors, this style gained fame during 20’s and 30’s.  Elegant shapes are essential elements of this style which is more often reflected in furniture. It is a blast from the past so when you decorate your house in Art Deco style you need to choose carefully so that the viewers need to travel back to the 1920s and 1930s. If you are feeling that this style is too old fashioned for this modern time then you may be wrong. It never fails to create a contemporary look to your house.

After gaining a better insight into various design styles, now you can talk to your interior designer with full confidence of what design style exactly you want for your new home. When you have so much of design options,  it is no more a toughest job to plan your interiors and the same goes for buying a new apartment. When you have reputed builders such as Sai Kalyan Builders and Developers who has come up with an ultra luxury project “Sai Kalyan Ultima” it is no more a toughest job to find a new home.

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