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Sai Kalyan Builders and developers have tasted the success with its very first project “Sai Kalyan CUBICS” in North Bangalore and had no look back after that. We choose prime landscape in key locations of Bangalore and craft them into an elegant and intelligently designed living spaces. 

Our technology-driven initiatives are what keeps us a step ahead in providing affordable, on-time-delivered, sustainable housing solutions to our clientele

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About us

Sai Kalyan Builders and developers is one of the leading builders in Bengaluru building quality and delightful homes. After our inception in 2013, we are offering premium luxury residential apartments in Bangalore. “Quality residential houses in affordable rates” is the often quoted one about us. Having contributed immensely in uplifting and shaping the landscape in Bengaluru and currently, our new Luxury apartments are for sale in North Bangalore. Being well established in the real estate development business, we have a team of extremely qualified and experienced architects, structural and civil engineers, customer service team and other professionals and consultants who can help us deliver not just homes but architectural excellence. Our teams make sure that our customer’s dream home come true with extremely hassle-free experience. We take utmost care in crafting luxurious and comfy living spaces to our beloved clients which will not just serve a basic need but an extension of their personality.

Our team of consultant architects incorporates their creativity in architectural designs by keeping our client’s input in mind. The client’s ideas, their requirements, and their budget are the raw materials from which the architectural designs take birth from. We have successfully completed many large-scale construction projects for our varied clientele, by going those extra miles with Nano detailing. Our primary focus has always been on quality of work, elegant architectural designs, integrity in intention and completion of the project as scheduled.

 Why Sai Kalyan?


The Living Building Challenge is by far the most advanced and demanding measure of sustainability in the built environment possible today. It is a building certification program, advocacy tool and philosophy. It is comprised on seven performance categories called petals, Place, Water, Energy, Health & Happiness, Materials, Equity and Beauty. Examples of prerequisites include generating all energy with renewable resources, capturing and treating all water used in the building and using building materials void of hazardous chemicals. Certification during the design stage is not an option; buildings need to prove that they meet all of the program requirements after 12 months of continued operations and full occupancy.


Potential applications of knowledge based expert systems in the area of construction project monitoring and control are described. Originally developed from research in artificial intelligence, these systems are computer programs that can undertake intelligent tasks currently performed by highly skilled people. While some project monitoring can be accomplished by algorithmic procedures, the capability of knowledge based expert systems to deal with ill-structured problems and to be extensively modified over time make them desirable for application in this area. Heuristic rules in scheduling and inventory control are provided.

Project Monitoring is one aspect involving checking, regulating and controlling the performance and execution of a construction project. This includes cost control, quality conscious, scheduling, on time delivery, purchasing and inventory control throughout the entire process i.e. planning, designing, execution and handing over. Adherence to experts input is monitored independently or in concert by client representatives, construction managers, engineers, project managers and others.

1) The knowledge base

2) Potential role of expert system in project monitoring.

3) Control over Quality, Cost and Deliver.

4) Control over purchasing and inventory.

5) Examples of uses consultation.

6) Implementation of knowledge based expert system for project monitoring.

7) Conclusions.

8) Feedback system (Explanation module).

Techno Consultants

Construction bidding is the process of submitting a proposal (tender) to undertake, or manage the undertaking of a construction project. The process starts with a cost estimate from blueprints and material take offs. Sometimes contractors submit lower tenders to win the contract and win the work which we do not encourage


We offer quality construction and ensure the end user has value for money, professional and skilled resources (manpower) with the added benefit of an unsurpassed knowledge of the technology and method / sequence of construction. A project coordinator will obtain a scope of work, budget, and time schedule. Work can be done on a time and material or fixed cost basis. We adhere and practice the following sequence.

1) Planning & Development

The first stage of a construction project is the planning and development stage. This stage includes; the identification of the location, pre-design of the building or facility and have the architect and general contractor meet and get to know each other.

2) Design / Build

Programming and Feasibility 
Schematic Design 
Design development 
Contract Documents

3) Pre-Construction

The pre-construction stage involves the preparation of the materials list and selection of contractors and vendors. Mostly we try to get three or more quotes on the same materials to establish analysis and determine the best material, contractor or vendor. Preparing, receiving all the necessary building permits and insurance requirements is another part of this stage. The first step is to assign the project team, which includes the project manager (PM), contract administrator, quality control and field engineer.

4) Procurement

The procurement stage is when labor, materials and equipment needed to complete the construction project are purchased. This can be done by the company all on their own for construction work. A purchase order is used in various types of businesses. In this case, a purchase order is an agreement between the commercial owner and seller that the products purchased meet the required specifications for the agreed price.

5) Construction phase

The construction phase starts with a pre-construction meeting with groundbreaking of the land and building. The pre-construction meeting is meant to make decisions dealing with work hours, material storage, quality control, and site access. This stage runs from the preparation of the building site to building completion. Each step of the construction phase is inspected by the appropriate state construction inspectors as well as the project manager. The foundation, plumbing, framing, electrical and other construction inspections are complete once each part of the building process is complete.

6) Post-Construction

Once the construction has been completed, there are specific steps that must be taken to prepare the building for occupancy. Project punch-out: Once all construction is complete, the occupancy phase of a construction project begins. A final inspection is done by the building official once the certificate of substantial completion has been issued.


Successful and timely deployment of your Master Control system is crucial to company’s compliance initiative and overall competitiveness in the market. Project management services help alleviate the challenges and provides the continuity and quality required throughout the deployment process and brings the expertise to serve as a project, coordinate activities, and communicate critical milestones.

  • Ensure quality and continuity of the desired deliverables.
  • Guarantee that customers have a dedicated resource for the duration of the project
  • Leverage the processes that has been proven to provide maximized results
  • Consolidate and coordinate the requirements under a single point of accountability
  • Make “on-the-fly” adjustments to your project plan to ensure the services purchased are adding the most value to the project
  • Coordinate and communicate crucial project milestones and activities with you and your team

Project Planning paves the way for smooth execution. It includes planning, definition of goals and expectations, and documentation, all of which can be revisited and revised as necessary.

  • The Kickoff.
  • Defining Customer Success.
  • Identify Project Team and Stakeholders.
  • Document Project Assumptions.
  • Identify Project Risks and Mitigation.
  • Project Plan Development.
  • Communication Plan.
  • Pre-Onsite / Remote Services Readiness.

Project Execution

  • Directing the Project Team.
  • Managing Project Scope.
  • Conduct Project Status Meetings.
  • Day-to-Day Meetings and Issue Management.
  • Project Close.

Project management services can eliminate a great deal of the confusion and delay that can accompany implementation. An ounce of project management is worth more than a pound of hindsight. Using a systematic methodology to approach projects is a key to successful execution. Often planning or monitoring are put into the background in the rush to move ahead with execution or reporting results. Both are a fatal mistake. If the necessary time is taken to plan out all aspects of the project, it saves much time and resources.




KenarAec – KenarAec is a renowned architectural firm led by IIT & MIT(architecture) in Bangalore that has very many reputed builder names in their kitty.

Structural Consultants

Sterling Engineering Consultancy – Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services Private Limited offers engineering design services for the built environment. Their portfolio includes large office complexes, luxury hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, industrial projects, multi-storied apartment buildings, sports complexes, townships and other civil engineering projects.

Techno Consultants

HMN consultants – HMN Consultancy was established in 2002, by H M Nagesh to provide plumbing & sanitary services to big buildings. Services include plumbing, sanitation, firefighting, rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment plant, electrical and HVAC.

LS consultants – LS Consultants is an electrical, networking and security systems company with 11 years of experience that provides consultancy by partnering up with builders.

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